“We had a small talk in front of the location and after entering inside we saw that everything was decorated with colours and neon lights. The location is a hidden gem; it is surrounded by a restaurant, vintage store and a nail salon. And then we created more memories to remember…” 

Photographer: Piyathath Patiparnprasert  www.instagram.com/gongtairoop
Model : Nin Duijkers   www.instagram.com/ninnosleep
Stylist : Hattaya Sae-ngow  www.instagram.com/ofcourse.im.asian
Clothes : W.A.S.H.I.T  www.instagram.com/w.a.s.h.i.t
Shoes : Darlin Jewerly  www.instagram.com/darlinjewelry
Location :  leftandright studio www.instagram.com/leftandright.studio




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