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Hung up and checked my visa card, no unexpected charges. First, I don’t actually use my visa card, in fact I haven’t activated the replacement they sent. And then it occurred to me, wouldn’t the BANK call you not visa? Except Capital One and Amex all credit cards are handled by the banks credit card dept, like the number on the back of my BMO MasterCard is specific for BMO. If you do give out any personal information, call your bank and/or credit card company immediately and explain what happened.

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  • If they do, they will specify that your approval is not guaranteed and will be based on personal information such as your credit score.
  • This is how you know many Canadians are falling for this scam and how unlikely it is that the fraudsters will stop, so the best thing to do is continue practicing good defense.
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  • When I checked out the sender- zero contacts and employment history.

And over the course of a few months, we have been chatting. The person knows enough about me and then about what I do for a living, about even not how much money I make. But whatever struggles I may have in life, then the person tells me the same thing about them. But in addition to the salary that they have at this company, they’re also investing in cryptocurrency. And their investments in cryptocurrency have made huge returns. Jordan How does the money come into it and when?

CVV should be private, but credit card companies allow merchants to demand it. The merchant or their employees would have all the information needed to make online purchases until the limit of the card is reached. Destroy anything that has your credit card number on it to avoid theft. But before you shred your billing statement, check to ensure you don’t have any odd charges. According to CAFC records, nearly 800 Canadians have lost more than $6 million to the bank investigator scam since 2016, and thousands more reported receiving these suspicious calls. The reported losses for 2021 from that scam alone surpassed $4.6 million, making the bank investigator scam the 10th worst type of reported fraud.


We requested you to proof your identity if you insist you are a Karla Valdemar. You can send my translstion to other translator to check it . We are very harsh plus500 review when it comes to the fraudulent behavior on our website and take it very seriously. Last week a ProZ member contact me about a translation I asked her to do.

If you got an official-sounding emergency call in the early morning, you likely would have less available energy for scrutiny. Apparently, their scam guessing game didn’t fool you, but if they had provided information on a card you own, would you have complied? Remember this for the next time someone calls—it’s best to simply hang up without messing around. Sometimes people have found themselves accidentally confirming details when they didn’t mean to, so just hang up after you hear their spiel and warn the others in your household to watch out.

Just got one of those famous calls about 2 charges on my Visa card. I get one of these almost every second day so today I decided I had had enough and pressed “2” to speak to someone. I was connected to Leo, who had a very strong Indian accent. I asked Leo where he was calling from, to which he replied he was a Canadian.

We are really happy to hear that you are liking our app. What can we improve to get your 5-star rating? We’d appreciate your cooperation on the improvement of the app. I am learning and trying various approaches. The platform has lots of features to try and apply.

This is how you know many Canadians are falling for this scam and how unlikely it is that the fraudsters will stop, so the best thing to do is continue practicing good defense. Make sure the other members of your household are also aware of the threat and keep them from picking up the phone on these unfortunate occasions. What’s truly sad is that these types of scams only exist because they do work on some people, and usually the ones who can’t afford them, like the elderly. We hope you took the time to warn friend, family, and of course those sharing your phone of the calls, and are glad you’re staying vigilant. I waste the scammer’s time by searching for my “card” and putting them on hold.

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This comes one year after scammers targeted Twitter, hacking into celebrity accounts (including Musk’s) in a similar fraud that netted US$121,000. Scam-Rescue is a website whose purpose is to provide direct access to reliable businesses in the the field of funds recovery and investment brokers. The website does not offer investment advice. The information on this website is not directed at residents of any country, where such distribution is against local laws or regulation. We are not responsible for any losses you may incur, by investing with a company mentioned on this website. We may receive compensation from the companies we write about.

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Subsequent calls to Box Containers LLC confirmed the scam. But when the delivery date came and went with no delivery, Osmond called the company. Osmond had several conversations discussing stock, pricing, shipping times and where the containers were located. He called the seller, who identified himself as Evan and the company as Box Containers LLC. Hatfield said what bothers her most is that her company name is being used to take advantage of people.

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Part of me is jealous of how far you can take it. You also must have more time on your hands that I do. It would be cool to see one of your call answers in action. I ask him which bank are you calling from someone from India.

plus 500 scam

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A so-called expert offers a fee-based course or class either online or in real life. After the fee is collected, promises like direct access to the teacher are met with a host of excuses or are nonexistent. And in other cases, the content is deemed unsatisfactory, leaving participants feeling disappointed and ripped off. The victims invest big money to fly to distant, glamorous locations like Indonesia, lured by empty promises of getting reimbursed. Victims have also been asked to pay for things like drivers, translators and fixers. The game ends when the mark either figures it out or runs out of money, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

No, you’re able to have it in your normal Bank account that you can use it right after. So then a lot of people, they are lured into these investments. That’s the reason we’re hearing people in the US and Canada losing huge sums of money, like people in Canada losing like a million dollars. I read a case of somebody in Montreal losing $400,000. That was an apartment that the person was going to invest in. There is a person who actually contacted me after publishing my first article in March, and the person told me that they lost almost a million dollars.

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